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half a year later

Oops, I didn't post for half a year. Turns out doing a PhD is a lot of work! It's summer now, though, so that excuse doesn't work. I've fallen behind on almost all of my internet responsibilities - except for instagram, which I use more than anything else at the moment. Only a month and a half left of summer then I dive back into school. Trying to enjoy the time I have right now, just existing in montreal, learning french and seeing friends and spending all my money on food. Here's what you may have missed from the past 6 months:  Butterball had surgery on his entropion! Thank you to everyone who donated to help us afford this surgery for him. He is so so much happier now. All healed up!  My brother and my niece (not his daughter, my other brother's daughter lol) xoxo
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Portait of a girl and her cat, 2016 Butterball's nasty lil teeth after years of being a stray. I think they're so cute! Shirt from Birdsong London !! amazing ethical, fmeinist, sweatshop free clothes My bebo  Got my hair dyed and cut by Steph at Salon Cyan!! Green 4 winter!! Went home for Hanukkah, emptied out my childhood bedroom even more. Now I'm back in MTL and ready for new years eve. Will probably order in or wander the streets for a bit around midnight. I usually hate new years cus of all the hype and it's never that great but I feel a teeny bit optimistic about next year. 


Since moving to montreal and starting my phd in September, I have had next to no time to blog or even take photos of my outfits. School is intense. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, and sometimes I feel like I'm failing at it. I'm doing okay though, and I'm not giving up just yet. I am a TA now! I have my own tutorials! Grading is the worst!! Also, side note, I have been taking accutane since like, July (a couple weeks spent finding my dosage which is 40mg/day) and my skin is the best it's ever been? Like I resisted accutane for so long and by NO means am I encouraging it for everyone to use. But I haven't felt this confident about my skin since like before I started caring about my appearance (I can almost remember when it happened exactly, some time in grade 9 lol). I just wanted to share my skin success. I finish accutane at the end of the month, pray 4 me that my acne doesn't come back. I still draw on freckles sometimes Laur

New Apartment, New Office, New Paige

New Apartment, New Office, New Paige Food? Where?? family portrait Newly adopted, ex-stray kitty named Butterball The cuddliest baby ever