half a year later

Oops, I didn't post for half a year. Turns out doing a PhD is a lot of work! It's summer now, though, so that excuse doesn't work. I've fallen behind on almost all of my internet responsibilities - except for instagram, which I use more than anything else at the moment. Only a month and a half left of summer then I dive back into school. Trying to enjoy the time I have right now, just existing in montreal, learning french and seeing friends and spending all my money on food. Here's what you may have missed from the past 6 months:

 Butterball had surgery on his entropion! Thank you to everyone who donated to help us afford this surgery for him. He is so so much happier now.

All healed up! 

My brother and my niece (not his daughter, my other brother's daughter lol)


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  1. ah such lovely photos! and pleased butterball is well :)
    good luck with studying!