This is a post about my violet hair

I figured this was a good place to post about my hair because it seems to be the only thing of interest for most people. Firstly, I don't have this hair any more. I miss it sometimes but I have a bad habit of just going back and forth between pink/orange and purple/blue. I am trying to break that cycle and do more colors in the same spectrum before changing it drastically again (for my hair's sake). My violet hair was dyed with, surprise surprise, Violet dye by Punky Color. I've been asked about how light it turned out, because this dye tends to start out really dark purple (think black-purple a la Veronica from Archie comics) but mine was vibrant from the start. Well, it was an accident. I had light lavender hair at the time and I planned to start by just dying my bangs. I only put dye on my bangs and a couple strands of my hair. When I washed it out, the dye bled so much that my whole head turned violet (but a faded, much more vibrant purple-blue than it would have been had I dyed my whole head!) Anyways I hope this helps all you aspiring purpleheads! 

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