d8 witch

So I collaborated with Date Witch Vintage and the charming shop-owner Lily selling affordable vintage garb from a haunted house in Seattle.
This cute/adorable swamp style dress was my favorite piece on the site but tons of lovely clothes have been added since so go check it out ALSO, if you use the code CEEDLING you can get 20% off until January 12, 2013!!! So cool!!!
So go forth and be witchy. Here is how I styled my Date Witch Vintage dress...

And follow Date Witch on tumblr for more witchy vibes 'n such!
FYI, though: any orders placed between now and the 27th won't be shipped until 12/31 (holidays y'all)

ceal ceal the onion peel


  1. It looks great! I'll check it out

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  3. Wow absolutely love it! And I love the backgrounds you shot the pictures in, the trees compliment the dress. I am so checking this store out~

  4. The dress is cool, but the background takes all my attention - it is incredibly beautiful. It looks as if you had colored pictures after taking them, so many colors in one forest...

  5. I love the pink leafs and your socks.