Inner Kitty

Hi fellow cat-ladies (or lads)!! If you're anything like me, you don't want to simply wear cats on your clothes, or draw them in the margins of your notebooks... 
You want to channel the cat that lives inside you. Just kidding (I'm not kidding).
SO, there are many methods of channeling your inner kitty cat. 
Let's start with the dramatic cat-eye:

This is simple but puts you in the same realm as our beloved cat-eyed babies. Also, cat-eyeliner always makes me feel powerful and important. Here is an old(ish) youtube video tutorial I made on putting on eyeliner!!

You can also sport the cat eye with your frames! Cat-eye eyeglasses and sunglasses are my absolute favorite shape, and they are universally flattering (just pick the right size to suit your face shape/size)

As far as I'm concerned, cat-eyes will never ever be out of style. They can look vintage or futuristic, classic or uniquely new. Cat-ears, on the other hand, are just plain fun.
Cat-ears are an even fiercer way to make the statement "I LOVE CATS TOO MUCH" while looking super cool and stylish (trust won't look unhinged...not at all...) Here! Look! Famous/greatlooking people wearing cat-ears! They know what's up.
this cutie is gabriella

All in all, embrace your cat-lady impulses, spring for that which will bring you closer to your ideal life of sleeping 20/24 hours and getting high on catnip....I mean....


  1. Do you like khloe kardashian?
    Great post by the way, cats are awesome!

    1. I do!!! I love all the Kardashians, I gotta say.

  2. Words can't describe how jealous I am of my cat's lifestyle.

  3. dita von teese looks amazing meow!
    I love the hats with the little cat ears! give me one, give me one!!

  4. there was one day that I looked at myself to realize I had on a cat shirt, my leopard coat, cat eye makeup and my cat iphone case... so I've definitely been channelling my inner kitty xo