sprang brights forever

spring is the best for bright clothes. this polka-dot dress is from TJ Maxx, the sweater is from Topshop, the knee-highs from Forever21, and the shoes are from Karmaloop! The umbrella was abandoned (for months!) in the centre where I hang out on campus...I may or may not return it to it's home there...

rococo came to say hi
but didn't want to be held (surprise surprise)
she is loving spring, and i am loving watching her fiercely smell everything around her/chase butterflies/roll around in the sunlight/drink from puddles/etc.

happy spring, y'all! i have one more exam left - it's sunday night. then i am free! but not really...i have to start studying for the LSAT immediately...and apply for jobs...but I will soon be a university graduate! XOXX


  1. looks like your hair has lightened quite a bit! i'm loving the colour now it's like a lovely lilac

  2. you're the perfect vintage comics girl <3
    i always love colors you wear~

    [my weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  3. perfect outfit! spring is the best season, hands down. :)


  4. Ah such a great outfit, so spring-y.

  5. I love your hair and your skirt <3

    (would love to make some blogger friends!)

  6. Looking Very Stylish! Great Outfit..! And what a fabulous pair of flat shoes for women.. Loved it..! :) XOXO