lil miss magic

Etsy user Magicmiss sent me the cutest accessories to style and share with y'all, and I couldn't be more in love with what I've received. Not only did Roi @ Magicmiss send me a lovely sailor moon necklace, and 2 bone clips (which you can get here), but she even made me a custom pin for my fur baby ROCOCO! I know y'all will dig these goodies and the rest on her etsy as much as I do. 

Also! this dress is from Trinity Place Dept Store, which I've talked about in a previous post! You can find the dress here, I got it in a UK size 14.
Needless to say, it was a stellar mail week!
Chibiusa necklace which makes me squirm with sailor moon feels
what dreamy bone clips!!!
My jacket and socks are Forever 21, my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes c/o Solestruck
Wearing my Rococo badge of honor/declaration of love


  1. You have the most beaaaautiful face it's killin me, that rococo badge is amazing and the clips aaaah!

  2. Do you wear color contacts? I've always wondered! xx

    1. I don't! I haven't ever worn contacts (colored or not), I like glasses too much! and i need them, my eyesight is horrid!

  3. The colors!!! so good so so good. Love your styling :)

  4. I love everything! So cute :D Your eyes look so BEAUTIFUL!

  5. those bones and those piercin' eyes! magnificent.

  6. you look lovely!! Rococo <3

  7. Your eyes are so striking! Gorgeous outfit, I particularly love the Chibiusa necklace ~*sailor moon feels*~