Me and my gorgeous friends Lilly, Lydia, and Kerry went to Toronto to see SOLANGE... needless to say, it was a religious experience.

Here's some pix from my weekend...
Kerry , Lydia and Lilly walking around Toronto

I'm sooo happy we got to see Jess and fav couple ever tbh 
A bunch of cuties
A bunch of cuties and me lol (win the necklace Lilly is wearing in my last post!!!) 
My top/skirt set is from H&M!! It was only $20 for both pieces...
I saw it that day and had to get it cos it's so Solange
The Zimmerman verdict was announced minutes before Solange went on stage; I could tell by the crowd that I was not the only one who had seen the devastating news on my facebook feed...

Solange was, at first, solemn, dedicating her set to "justice," but, just as her presence raised our spirits I think we raised hers because by the third song the room was bustling with sounds of appreciation (from both the audience and the band).

What a beautiful, humble and incredibly talented human y'all.


  1. solange is so amazing! i wish i could see her live~

  2. I love that two piece my lord!!! In my local H&M they only have the top, I KNEW there had to be a skirt that matched... need to look around some more for it, it's so cute

  3. all of these photos are so colorful and awesome!

  4. Wow, I'd love to see Solange live. Sounds like an amazing time. I love that you guys are all wearing really sweet prints :D

  5. Great review!
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))