life update: I got my haircut yesterday, was left feeling like I look like Matilda (in a bad way). But now that I can style it myself, I like it more. School is unsurprisingly stressful. I'm trying to piece together a PhD proposal about institutional oppression and the morality between social groups and falling behind on my other commitments. I just got offered a really great job though, being a contributing vlogger for!! I'm in the process of starting that, so more videos soon! Also it's warm out finally. I ate some matcha green tea icecream today.
I'm wearing a shirt: Monki (duh), blazer also from Monki, pants: ASOS, shoes: Nike
backpack is from JumpFromPaper :)
I diluted Special Effects Deep Purple dye with conditioner to get this color. It's really bright irl.

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