Female Matters

Female Matters: a one night only group exhibition co-curated by Clio Peppiatt & Polyester zine exploring sexual liberation in the 21st century, raising funds for The Dahlia Project- supporting survivors of FGM.

I feel so lucky to know so many amazing talented people who made this show possible and came to support it! Big shout out to Ione for putting this all together, working her ass off from start to finish and letting me sleep on her couch ^__^

Group collaborative installation of over 20 pairs of customised knickers from, Anti-AgencyThe Mushpit, Sister Magazine, Bunny Collective, the PINKD book, Girls Don't, BaronSkinny Girl DietShopFloorWhoreGirls Get Busy Zine,ahida agirre, Lorde inc, Polyester Magazine, Hanecdote, GIRLS ONLY NYCBirdsong London, Me and You, Maria Pizzeriaa, Clio Peppiatt & more.

Setting up the space
Dinner @ Voodoo Rays (BoxPark)
It was also Emma's last night in London!! :( 
maisiecousins.format.com y'all
I didn't take enough photos (story of my life) but it was a really great night and I made so many new friends and Polyester Mag raised so much money for the Dahlia Project!! 


  1. Thank you so much for posting the names of all the artists who contributed a pair of knickers to this collection and posting links to their site as well!
    Super bummed I missed seeing this on the other side of the world but so happy you shared these pics <3


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