family visit

My family came to visit me in the UK!! My parents and brother came from Canada, and my sister all the way from China. Suffice to say I've been MIA from the internet a bit. Here's where I've been instead:
in Sheffield with my sister!!!!!!! I missed her so much
Tyler and I took her to the part of town where cats are EVERYWHERE. Obviously it's my favorite part of town. 
Went to Liverpool to meet up with my parents and brother. We stayed in a swanky houseboat. 
That black&white boat was all ours that night!
Cool but made me a lil queasy idk how people live on boats
Back in Sheffield
Steel City Cakes
Most important girls in my life
And Yorkshire is so beautiful
Went to a local dairy farm for icecream
Get a room, you two!
My lil brother Max
Next we drove to the border of Scotland
Ham fam (we keep kosher though lol)
My mom and I have like no photos together from childhood idk why but I'm trying to make up for it now
Hadrien's Wall! Like a hands-on history lesson. Lots of slugs there too. 
Stirling Castle 
Land clouds (sheepies)
As usual, I didn't take enough photos. Maybe that's for the best, I spent more time enjoying my family's presence (well, for the most part heh heh). Might not see them for a while as I've decided to stick around in England for a few more months.