stay home

I moved flats last week! My new place is in the attic of my friends' house. Thought I'd share a few pictures of where I spend almost all of my time (working/vlogging from home, watching endless hours of Netflix - I'm really into Orphan Black right now, sleeping and napping).
Here it is!! A bit of a clutter but we have a lot of clothes for such a tiny dresser. So we are keeping most of them on the 1st floor. It feels like home in here though. Nice and cosy.
Beyonce calendar, Totoro poster from ebay, Hang in There from etsy :)
Remember when y'all helped vote for Rococo for that magazine contest? Well she won and I am forever the proudest mama
Workin' hard or hardly workin'?
on my wall: a tea towel from a gift shop at Stirling Castle, a UMO poster from their show in Bristol, a Maisie Cousins print from here and a lil pic of me and my dad from many years ago


  1. nice place
    it looks cosy
    I love the mini candelabra? on the side there

    This Kid Is Alright

  2. I love it :D I think you might be the coolest person ever :) xxx

  3. all your cat related stuff is perff

  4. Moving is always so exciting! I love all of the posters around your place!