since i've been home

My sister is home from China and she brought her cat Feo. He is a lil devil and I love him.
I also finally (!!!) met my niece!!!!! Calla Spence. I have never felt so much love toward a baby. She is a perfect turtle angel.
Continuing my avocado on toast tour of the world
I missed these two so much
Having Georgia home feels so riiiiiight. I don't want her to go.
Tyler and I celebrated 8 years together. He got me this new camera which has helped me get back into what's important....selfies
and pics of my sister, who is moving to Japan in a couple weeks
I had dyed my hair blue using manic panic atomic turquoise and deep blue but then faded it using a combo of bleach, water, shampoo and conditioner because i didn't like the color it was fading to. I like this one much more.
My best friend Lilly had a surprise birthday party!!!! This is the exact moment she opened the door to our surprise caught by her lil sis Lydia 
So much love for the bday girl
So much love for my 2 bffls
and Warsan! I missed Warsan.

But on another note, this week was my MA degree graduation ceremony in Sheffield (UK). I missed it, obviously, and was feeling a bit bummed about it but being around my sister and my best friends and my CATS helps so much.

 Here is an old pic of me accepting an award at Sheffield University. 

Here's to 2016.

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