Body love

I have only learned to love my body in the past few years. I have learned to love my body not only for it's curves and colors but for it's ability to get me where I need to go, to respond the way I'd like it to (with some exceptions - i.e. sweating profusely when I'm embarrassed) and my autonomy over my body. I realize now what a huge part of my identity is wrapped up in my body, my perception of it, my perception of other bodies and other people's perceptions of my body. I identify as a woman, but I also identify as a person with emotional as well as physical boundaries. My body is capable of creating life, and I am capable of taking away that life. My body does not owe itself to anything or anyone. It is more than a holding cell for my mind. It is a part of me, and my memories and aspirations manifest themselves in it. That's pretty cool. So here's to my body, and to yours. Here's to loving not only your rolls, your stretch marks and your buttcheeks but also your body as a fundamental part of who you are. And you are wonderful.


  1. I'm really glad ]you posted this, I am just now learning to love my body after hating for most of my life.

  2. I just read this and watched your self-love video on youtube after a pretty horrible day that reignited self hate that I've been trying to squelch recently. and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being brave and articulate and relateable and wonderful. I wish I could send you a box full of thank you gifts!