feel good

styling by me, photos by me 
thanks to georgia, lilly, warsan, rima and charissa for modelling 


  1. Yoo, I like your pictures, they are pretty cool, Nice colours!


  2. Nice photoshoot. Beautiful pics!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. The styling and placement of each and everyone is fucking ace, if you'll excuse the expression. Love, love, love.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you all so much!!!! I will be posting more photoshoots on here in the near future :)

  5. WHoa, amazing photos, models and clothes! It took me a moment to realize they were not old cool photos hahaha!

    By the way, I wanted to comment on your tumblr but didnt find how. It´s about the women objectification, I wonder if you also have the feeling that the nowadays tendency of so-called femminists (I mean people from mass media or the industry in general that try to send a femminist message in order to sell more or whatever) is not to end with this objectification but to celebrate it and also do the same with men trying to convince people that that´s equality. Sorry, I´m from Spain (not sorry of being from there hehe03.2) and I´m not sure if i´m explaining it right.

    I meant that when women tryed to be respected equally before, it was understood that it was necessary to be "like them" (in the terms that men are suposed to be...); now we are lucky enough (thanks to that women) to be able to be the way we want and be respected,not that we dont have lots of battles to fight still... Anyway, the problem is that in a time when everything can (and will) be transformed into a commoditie, even the radical/alternative ways of life, only to get more money, sometimes we undestand things wrong and tend to think that if we are fucked everybody should be... things like the idea of metrosexual kind of men, the obssesion with the exterior, all the worst of the "female" world was transfered to the "male" only to amplified the possible consumers... Of course everybody can decide to take care of his/her aspect, wear make up... whatever, but when its impossed... I feel sad for the men that lucky them, the beauty industry use to avoid them..
    And also, nowadays, the tendency is to transform the men in objects, with the obsession in the 80s/90s to live the sex like a man (Sex in the City is the typical example, of women that are so strong and sexually free that they can be like a man! yeah! ¬¬ and of course at the end that was all a way to cry for help and marriage)it end up transforming the men the same way society/culture/industry have beeing transforming women in mere whores/wifes/mothers ... Maybe thats a way to make some men realize that they should fight for equally too, and that femminists dont want to cut their thingies :P
    Again sorry for my english, sorry if you dont feel like reading/discussing any of this in this blog comments and well, just wanted to comment that.

    I really like your blog and tumblr. :) Your new lilac hair is astonishing.
    Now, thats all.