Taco-loving baby

My mom gives me some quality nicknames: ceal ceal the onion peel and taco loving baby are among the best. 
Anyway, I went to Toronto this weekend to see Mac Demarco play at Parts and Labor (aka the most claustrophobic low-ceiling one-exit basement venue) but we got delicious tacos and margaritas at Grand Electric before the show and watched some old Degrassi High episodes... all in all it was a great night, despite the dank basement which translated to low-quality sound for Mac Demarco :( Tyler met him though! 
Tyer and Jaren 
Jess, me and Jessica. These girls are my besties. 
Mac Demarco crowd-surfing. He STARTED playing at 1:30 AM, so he must've been pretty wasted and it was a really rowdy crowd which was cool but since the space was so small I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all (wet blanket forever). 

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