"leaflets three; let it be"

my dress is from ASOS, the jacket is Vera Moda (i got it at The Bay), my shoes are Doc Martens!
Tyler's shirt is from Forever21, and the backpack is MadPax
"Side leaflets like mittens, will itch like the dickens"
To hell with luck
The beautiful opal and diamond necklace my parents gave me as a graduation gift. I am obsessed. And grateful. And scared I'll break it. 
"Berries white, run in fright"
A pack of HUGE wild turkeys that cruised by me and tyler twice today. I love them.


  1. LOVE the pictures, love the necklace!
    And dang - love the turkeys too. I've never seen a live turkey before! @__@

    I just started a new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Would you kindly take a peek at it? c:

  2. That dress is so beautiful! So tempted to get it for myself. Your photographs are always so stunning.


  3. I usually detest neon, but I think this dress is so demure and feminine! The contrasting jacket (that looks suede?) is beautiful paired with the dress! You look gorgeous! xxx


  4. That dress is so gorgeous! And those Turkeys look so funny :p