new favorite shirt alert!!

A t-shirt came in the mail today. But not just any t-shirt...
One of my favorite artists, Daniel Fuerrero Fernandez, sent me his art on a shirt...that's now art on my body. It's so beautiful in person, too. Softer and better quality than I've found in a t-shirt in a long time. I already know I'm going to live in this shirt, and since it's up for pre-order right now, I knew I had to tell my honey-nut cheerios about it (that's y'all. i don't know where that nickname came from).
but first here's my face...?

the camera turned on by itself i'm not a model
(these leggings are from ASOS)
I got size medium, and it fits really nicely - the sleeves roll up nicely (I do this to most t-shirts) and the length is perfect!! Order this shirt here !!!! and follow Daniel on tumblr!!!


  1. awww i'm totally charmed, this t-shirt is so cute and dreamy ^^

    [pretty oddities -]

  2. asdfghjk if only i had $35 i would buy it before you could say honey-nut cheerios! u look fab and GAH THE COLOURS ARE SO PRETTYYYYY)

  3. great style You did a good job i realy appreciate your collection for casual clothing sellers