alpaca bag, we'll run away

Today I spent the afternoon with friends & my camera at S.A.M.Y.'s alpaca farm.
What a lovely place with such majestic long-necked buldgey-eyed creatures...

Warsan is wearing a thrifted jacket, her own shirt, and leggings from Topshop
Lilly's cape is made by my sister Georgia!
her dress and socks are Forever21
Georgia's shirt and skirt are thrifted
Jessica is wearing a handmade shirt from my Hungarian papa, with Forever 21
My shirt is also handmade, my pleather skirt is from H&M
Hannah's shirt is thrifted, her skirt is Old Navy
Miranda is wearing a dress c/o Trinity Place Dept. Store

 Thank you to Yvonne and her family, who were gracious hosts! We had so much fun walking and feeding the alpacas!!!


  1. These are so great!! All the colours are so cohesive and I love alpacas.

  2. That braided hairstyle with the ribbon in it is to die for! And the pixie cut! And the clothes! This seems like such a cool thing to do. I wish I could find places around here where I could do things like that. I suppose someone would probably let me play with their cows. Love your work, I read it as soon as it goes up and have been for a long time.
    xx Debbie @

  3. wow all your styles look so cool! I especially love the cape your sister made for your friend :) I've never been to such a thing as an alpaca farm, I don't even think it excist here in The Netherlands... They're lovely creatures and sometimes they look a bit funny hihi :)

  4. These pictures are seriously cute! :)

  5. This is the best thing I've ever seen!

  6. So many babes!! I love this Celia!

  7. Alpacas are very beautiful animals to me. I am looking alpacas for sale ;)