outfit on an autumn day

Happy October!! 
This is my favorite month because, well, halloween (duh) but also my birthday is the 28th! I turn 22 this year. It is beyond weird for it to be autumn and I am not in school. I graduated university in the spring, which means I am taking a year off to apply to grad schools and work. I haven't been out of school since before I started school (age 6?). Sometimes change is good, though. I hope.
long sleeve shirt: oasap
skirt: oasap
hat: h&m
boots: doc marten
tank: thrifted


  1. cutie pie you look so fine in that top!! i adore your (kinda) new hair!!

  2. dang, this color palette is so beautiful! the purse looks like an animation, almost.

  3. I am convinced that all magical girls are born on the 28th of their month (I'm 28 December ^_^)

  4. I really like the semi-creepy eye shirt! It really reminds me of Argus, the many-eyed giant from Greek mythology. You're watching everybody!