(from left) Emily wears a Topshop dress, Lydia in my mother's coat
Warsan wears a thrifted faux fur coat and a hat from H&M
(from left) Kerry wears my BDB coat, Lilly is in a borrowed coat
my sweater is from OASAP (find it here), my hat is American Apparel
thrifted purse
I'm wearing a borrowed shirt, H&M skirt and TBA shoes (find them here)
Alayna wears my mom's cape
 thanks to my beautiful friends Lilly, Warsan, Kerry, Lydia, Emily and Alayna for modelling!!


  1. Still so sad I couldn't be a part of this. Everyone looks so, so lovely and I'm in love with these!!

  2. This is a SUPER AWESOME witch-friends photoshoot. Major Halloween inspo.

  3. I'm following you for quite a while now and I always admire your great photoshoots. Also a kick ass group of girlfriends.