to t, love c

Tyler and I have been dating for five years today. We met through a mutual friend, talked via myspace (holla!), I texted him first, he asked me on a date. We ate french fries at a diner on my lunch hour in grade 11 (Tyler was already finished highschool), and had such a good time talking and walking around that I didn't go back to school that day. I was nervous at the first movies we went to together, I bumped my hand into his hoping he'd hold it. Now I've squeezed that hand without restraint through countless horror movies, anxious fits, several tattoos and planes taking off.
On new years eve five years ago we kissed, my first ever new years kiss; I was sixteen and infatuated with the boy who'd been kicked in the face minutes before showing up that night (by a drunken douche bro) but had no intention of going home early. Instead, he was there to see me, even through a swollen eye.  
We've traveled together, first to different provinces, then countries, then continents. 
Tyler, you've watched and helped me mature into the person I am. We've grown up together, but slowly, it never felt rushed or pressured. I felt sixteen with you, and now I feel twenty-two with you. And even if our candy intake has only slightly decreased, I know we've come a long way. 
Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for me. 
I love you everyday.
I love you in every season. 
Happy five years, t. 


  1. You 2 are one of the cutest couple I've ever seen. Happy anniversary!

  2. Aww, this was so ridiculously cute. You two are so adorable together, and I may or may not have got a little teary-eyed while reading this because it was the cutest :3

  3. Oh my, I enjoyed reading this so much! I just kept smiling and my smile turned into a bigger one when I saw that cute picture of the two of you when you were younger and (I think so) getting to prom!! Just adorable! I know what it feels like to love someone so much, since my boy and I have been together for four years already :) keep loving each other and I whish you two all the best xx

  4. You two are so absolutely lovely and adorable. I love stuff like this. I hope to have with my boyf one day what you have with yours! <3

  5. this is so touching! such beautiful pictures & beautiful couple :)

  6. So adorable! Belated Happy fifth anniversary!!

  7. the last picture is twin peaks right??:D amazing! you guys are very cute <3