color wheel

This was the first time I dyed my hair a color other than blonde/brown/black/red (all of which I'd done before). I went for the safest color there is for a blonde - lilac. Since then I've dabbled in almost every shade of the color wheel. This is far from every color, but it is a range of where I've been!

Shades of blue 

All of these blues are by Sara at Salon Cyan 


The grey above and on the left below are by a friend Toni, the other grey is by Sara

Greens and Teals

I did this green myself, same with the two below (using Directions and Punk Color dye)
This last green is by Sara

Pinks and Purples

first one by Sara, the rest by me (I forget most of the dyes, but I recommend diluted Deep Purple by SpFX)

Oranges and Yellows

the left by Sara, the right by me (Directions dye in Apricot)