trickle down confidence

I'm using a lens filter I picked up in a used camera store in Chicago a couple years ago
People sometimes ask me why I don't wear contact lenses. I've never tried them, and might like them but the reason is simple: When I wear my glasses, I feel more confident. Not only because I can see what's in front of me. They act as armor, and I feel stronger as a result of them. Fashion can be powerful.
I also get a lot of compliments from strangers on these frames (they're Miu Miu) which is nice because I'm shy and find it hard to strike up conversations with people. 
I haven't been wearing a lot of make up lately, have been feeling very uninspired. So today I thought I'd try something new by doing my shadow all the way up to my eyebrow. I'm pretty into it.

My eyeshadow is MAC pigment in heritage rouge and reigning riches, lipstick is revlon's pink in the afternoon


  1. this makeup look is so good! You look like a unicorn queen <3
    also, can I know what's the name of the camera lens filter? :)

  2. The same. I tried lenses when I used to play the bass guitar, it was easier, but I never liked them. While I love my glasses (and yours too!) and I love to wear them.