small goodbyes

Just before I moved to England, I started saying little goodbyes to things, rituals mostly.
thinking, "this time next year I won't be here for this"
and now my time in England is up and I am headed back to Canada in a couple weeks...
And I find myself saying small goodbyes to what (and who) I've come to love dearly here

fireworks for bonfire night

in London for Maisie's exhibit in Late at Tate Britain. Notice MY EYE is in her video piece 
Love this honey to death

Saying goodbye to Ione has been so much harder than I'd imagined a year ago. 
Thank you for everything!! ILY!!

LONDON GANG!!! mexican food!!!!!
surrounded by amazing women tbh

And today a trip to Chatsworth house, a peaks district treasure! I love the easy access to animals in Yorkshire. I'm going to miss all the land clouds (sheep)
This picture is so me 

Piglets have surprisingly sharp lil teeth!!! 
Cool feather bellbottoms
me being chewed on by a cow and loving it

Saying goodbye is hard


  1. It's always awful leaving a place you've lived in for a while and grown to love. Also, those land clouds are so adorable!


  2. Maisie's exhibition would have been amazing, and to be apart of
    I'm sure you'll celebrate your return to Canada too, which will be awesome

  3. As a native Spanish speaker i find it offensive that you appropriate my language and culture of slang to name a pet. Chill, white girl.

    1. I respect that, but also Feo was named by my sister (who speaks spanish) and her boyfriend Cesar who is Mexican/is a native Spanish speaker! He is their cat I am just taking care of him while he is in quarantine.

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