Lens Flavors Contacts Review!

The site LensFlavors generously gave me a pair of colored contacts to review!
As they say, to "add another flavor" to my eye. I like my blue eyes but because my eyes are such a prominent feature on my face, I have always wondered what I'd look like with different colored eyes. Now is my chance to find out!
I chose the color called Red Wine and I have to say, I really love them. They were a bit hard to put in because I've never worn contacts before but after watching a Youtube tutorial, I got them in and mostly adjusted to them within an hour. The color of the lens tints my vision very slightly pink, which I don't mind because pink is my favorite color and it's like looking through rose-colored glasses - literally.
From a little further away, they look almost brown-red. I love that even more because I have always thought brown eyes are incredibly beautiful and deep. 
From even further away: They really change my look/face! I love this option.
I am wearing this shirt and these pants, and my shoes are Sorel
For my first contact lens experience, I give these a 4.5/5!
I love the color, they are soft and easy to put in, and not too uncomfortable! Plus they are inexpensive (under $30) and LensFlavors offers free shipping. The only issue I found is that when I blink a lot, they move around a bit inside my eye, which is only really noticeable to me but it's a bit of a weird feeling! I am sure I will get used to it.
Overall I am a very happy red-eyed (in more ways than one) girl.

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