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subscribers on youtube: 8127
followers on twitter: 2771
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*as of July 29th 2015.


My writing has been published in various magazines and academic journals, including (but not limited to):
  • Regular advice column in Polyester Zine, August 2014 - present.
  • Contributor to, June 2014 - present.
  • Several columns for Missy/Ink Magazine (print/online), 2012 – 2014. 
  • A Beautiful Thing. The Regis Magazine (print), April 2014.
  • Slut-Shaming: The Woman's Drama Continued. The Prince Arthur Herald (online), January 2014. ( 
  • The Art of Fashion. The Regis Magazine (print), February 2013.
  • Managing Workload Anxiety. The Regis Magazine (online), 2012. (
  • Untitled essay. Premier: First Year Essay and Academic Resource Guide, 2011.


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April Nicole said...

your a pretty interesting lady :) and the proof is in the pudding and as a woman you should know pudding is awesome!

elisabeth dunne said...

you should be so proud, you've achieved so much!!!! You're kind of like an idol to me because you're dealing with anxiety and still managing to get out and do all these things and I think that's really amazing (:

maria said...
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ciara j alberts said...


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