I'm dreaming of a leather satchel

I'm sure it's no surprise that my wandering eye (a.k.a the part of me that online shops regardless of the ever-decreasing $ in my bank/ever-increasing student loans) tends to gravitate toward bright colors. But recently I've begun to notice my taste has taken a turn toward quality, too. I no longer want to spend less money on cheaper clothes/bags/shoes that will fall apart in a month. Quality means you can own things longer, ultimately saving money if it lasts long enough, and the more you wear something well/hand-made, the more it feels like yours. Rather than falling apart or pilling or stretching or staining - I now own a small number of pieces that age like a fine wine. (I don't like wine, so let's change that to a fine cheese). 
Anyway, the latest bag to give me heart-eyes is the leather satchel from Trinity Place Department Store (in NYC). The best part of this bag is that it's real leather, it's hand-crafted, will last years and year - AND IT STILL COMES IN FUN COLORS. Do you know how difficult that is to find? I love this department store for just that; charm and unpredictability do not have to equal novelty, and they do not have to sacrifice quality.  Here are my favorite colors (I think my favorite is the hot pink or one of the light blues). 

Anyway, now that I'm content in my dreamland, I should tell y'all that Trinity Place is holding a sweepstakes, and you could win $500. That's enough to buy a satchel in at least 2 colors!!! Or maybe you could look at their other radical pieces too...You can enter the sweepstakes here! Tell me what you would buy!
I gotta say I'm in love with all the amazing sofas...

dream wardrobe...dream home...*drools all over keyboard*
happy shopping, y'all!! XOXO


  1. Honestly get one of the bags- even if you don't win! I got a Cambridge satchel for uni... it was the best idea EVER. It's such a good bag!

  2. i don't know if you already know them, but the cambridge satchel company also makes great ones, i have the dark red one myself, and it's a great bag!


  3. I love the hot pink :)
    I with I had all of them..!