an onion peel in the big apple

Tyler & I went to NYC this week to see Louis CK at the New York City Center (he was words). Anyway I also got the chance to meet up with lots of my favorite tumblr babes like Arabelle, Billy, and Caroline!!!! So I thought I'd post some photos from my week-long trip
Jacket is from a flea market in Copenhagen (douchiest outfit details ever), dress is Zara (thrifted at Goodwill), shoes are Doc Martens (from Karmaloop)  

Arabelle is a PERFECT ANGEL in real I expected... it felt like we'd been hanging out forever (I guess we have, virtually) and we walked down the street in manhattan linking arms like cuties and I wish I had a picture of it 
I'm a giant.  
With Arabelle, Billy and Billy's friend Olivia who was super cute and sweet too!!! 
I've been wanting to photograph Billy for a long time. She's got such a stunning unique face and general look...of course I was too shy to take more than a couple candid shots of her but she is so photogenic that I managed to get this one. What a sweet princess. 
HANNAH. My friend Hannah lives in Long Island but she came to the city to visit with us, also we went to Long Island a few days later for her birthday celebration :) I just love her. 
Normal friends.
Sometimes Tyler is just irresistibly cute.
Sweater from Topshop, dress thrifted at Buffalo Exchange, hat from Vintage Vibes (see earlier post), purse from H&M...socks...I don't know where they're from but I want another pair those are ripped at the toes! 
Shirt, skirt and purse form H&M (lol) and the coat is from Buffalo Exchange!!  I shopped a lot this trip... 
Williamsburg Bridge
My lip color is NARS lip pencil in Train Bleu! 
We went to the MET then took a nap in Central Park before Louis on Tuesday. I'm wearing a dress from Topshop, a vest from a thrift store in Berlin (douche alert, again), and an umbrella I bought in a moment of panic when it started to drizzle that day. 
Oh also I went into Urban Outfitters and saw the Rookie Yearbook (which I'm in!!!) and was super excited/geekin' out. Also I bought these sunglasses. 
Louis CK was perfect/hilarious/on point
Another dress from Topshop (lol I spent every cent there), jacket from H&M 
Topshop sweater, Gap pants, AA collared shirt (thrifted at Buffalo Exchange) 
Caroline brought us to a really really delicious pizza place for lunch. And then showed us around her cool ass Williamsburg office. I wish we'd had longer to hangout because she is seriously so sweet and easy to talk to.
While in Williamsburg, Tyler and I stumbled upon a jewellery/supply store called Brooklyn Charm. I picked out these charms and the girl working put them together. It's in honor of my late cat Tiny, who died a year ago of cancer. It was a devastating loss for me, the worst I've experienced so far in my life (she was my baby of 13 years). I plan to get a tattoo to commemorate her life and how her presence helped me through some bad periods - but until I get that, this will definitely suffice. R.I.P. Tiny.
I'll miss NYC, and everyone I got to hangout with....but I'll be back soon. The 14 hour bus ride can only deter me for a little while until I'm itching to leave this city again.  


  1. Aaaaaaaaah you look so adorable Celia!

    XOXO Sade

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! Also getting to see Louis CK is on my list of things I HAVE to do. I love him!

  3. everything about this post is perfect i don't even know what to comment on! your outfits are always incredible and you really inspire me to put together more colourful things in my wardrobe together xx

  4. Great outfits all around! I love your purple sweater, skeleton sweater and cat eye glasses. Also your friend Tyler's car/cactus shirt is too cute!

  5. You and Arabelle look so perfect together I could cry. Your style throughout these pictures is so cool.

  6. your trip looks so nice and happy! I love your outfits & you're really beautiful! :)

  7. i'm so jelly you got to hang out w.billy (and arabelle too even tho i don't know her at all but she seems gr8!) cause i love her she is just the cutest and most awesome person !!! srsly plan a trip to cal w/her so i can get you guys bomb mexican food and we can go swimming in the ocean and also play laser tag.

    i've never been to nyc but with my personality i feel like it would be too crowded for me to breathe! idk tho maybe i could manage since virtually no one pays attention to you because everyone's doing their own thing. this post was so fun to read, it looks like you had a gr8 time and you looked gr8 doing it!

    p.s. YOU'RE a giant?!!!!? come take pics with me !!! i will make you look short! <3