the devil is a potter and his witches are but clay

So I had a Halloween epiphany. I know I want to be BOB from Twin Peaks for actual Halloween but my birthday is October 28th and I am going out the night before to some Halloween parties and I want something cute and awesome to dress as cause I think BOB will be less cute and more terrifying. So today I came to a realization - I have witch hair. It's grey and kinda scraggly, and long and grey. And witches are sexy. And I want an excuse to wear/buy a big witch's hat. So I gathered some inspiration for the costume I have yet to create but I have a good feeling about this!!! 
“I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being. And a wizard, which is a male version of a witch, is kind of revered, and people respect wizards. But a witch, my god, we have to burn them. It’s the male chauvinistic society that we’re living in for the longest time, 3,000 years or whatever. And so I just wanted to point out the fact that men and women are magical beings. We are very blessed that way, so I’m just bringing that out. Don’t be scared of witches, because we are good witches, and you should appreciate our magical power.” 
― Yoko Ono


  1. ohhhh my twitchy, witchy girl, i think you are so nice, i give you bowls of porridge, i give you bowls of ice... cream! i give you lots of kisses, i give you lots of hugs, but i never give you sandwiches with grease and worms and mung... beans!

  2. Hahaha YES, the Wicked Witch of the West!! The Wizard of Oz was always my favourite movie. :)

    Also, the Yoko Ono quote is perfect. So glad to see you've found your Halloween inspiration!

  3. so cool, i'm going to be a witch as well :3 :3 and this inspo is getting me excited!!! i also can't wait to see you as bob, will tyler dress up as leland or something? hehe