It's my birthday today!! I am 21!! One of the best parts of having a late October birthday is that I get to celebrate Halloween (the best holiday) at the same time. So I did that this weekend! I went to Toronto for the ROOKIE MAG masquerade party/art show and got to dance with Petra and Tavi and Sophia and Sarah and lots of other lovely ladies, and Petra got me and my friends on the guest list at Much Music's Electric Circus, which if you're not Canadian means nothing, but it is a really fun cool televised dance rave that used to air every week from 1988-2003. They brought it back this year for Halloween and it was really cool and I was probably on TV which is funny I wish I could watch it and look! Now it's my birthday and I'm home and my mom and sister are making a pumpkin pie (with gingersnap crust) from scratch and we're gonna watch a horror movie and I am just very content. Here are some photos from lastnight:
Tyler is TEEN WOLF, I'm a skeleton and my sister Georgia is Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction!! 

Jaren is a hot-dog. 
Jess is a horse!!
PETRA! Petra and Tavi were the Grady twins from the Shining. 
And Sophia is Frida, duh! 
Sarah the dominatrix 
Isabel the sequin tin-(wo)man 
Tavi and Petra cuttin' the cake 
Petra and Avery! Avery is Jack Torrance. 
Then we went to Electric Circus!!
It was like being transported to a rave in the mid-nineties. AKA awesome.

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday messages, they really do mean so much to me!!! Hope all y'all had an awesome pre-Halloween weekend! stay spooky!!
xo the onion peel


  1. party with me all year round we can wear costumes and go to 90s inspired raves

  2. It looks like a great time all around! Happy birthday :)

  3. this seems so amazing! happy happy happy birthday!

  4. you all look lovely! Happy Birthday :D

  5. Everyone is SO KYOOT! Seriously, it was so lovely meeting you last night, I hope you had fun!! :)

  6. ahh your costume is great and the rookie meet up looked like a blast! i'm so bummed i couldn't go. i hope you had a great birthday!

  7. looks like THE BEST TIME EVER. that is the best cake i have ever seen.

  8. omg I wish I were there, it looks just amazing!