second hand treasures

So I wanted to do a post about thrifting, and second-hand clothes and goodies. I went to Toronto the other day (see: last post) and while I was there, shopping with Sarah, we went into the loveliest vintage shop called Debbie's Vintage Vibes Boutique. We were attracted to it because it's in this old building, that apparently used to be a funeral home! It's a beautiful space, and it has lots of really cool vintage furniture like vanity mirrors and baby chairs and so on. Also, clothes, of course. And Sarah and I went home with lots of goodies. I told Debbie, the owner, I'd review her and I am genuinely happy to do it! And flattered to have the chance! Debbie is more than just a store-owner, she's a stylist - you can sense how much she truly loves fashion and styling people in her collection of beautiful pieces!! So I'm gonna show y'all what I got!!
Also, the store carries something for every size - it's amazing. Sizes from petite to plus size and even up to size 13 shoes, ladies!! (Which is amazing because I have a hard time finding up to size 10 in most 2nd hand).
Ok, so first, THIS DRESS:
 It's so 60s and beautiful and I love the high collar. I paired it with my platforms from Karmaloop and a purse I bought in Berlin!!
 It's really good quality, too!
Ok, so this skirt is amazing. It's so long and the stripes so thin it is almost an optical illusion. I paired it with a shirt from like 5 years ago at UO, a purse from H&M and my Vivienne Westwood heels I got from a 2nd hand store in Chicago! (Buffalo Exchange)

I look so business-y or something... does this mean I'm finally growing up? (Hope not) 
OK, last, but certainly not least, THIS DRESS:
It's not even something I would immediately gravitate to, but this dress is so pretty and flowy and comfy and the neckline is so interesting. Also the hat AND earrings are from Vintage Vibes too!! My shoes are from Nastygal and the purse is a knock-off Vivienne Westwood from TaoBao.

I tucked my hair in so it looks like I cut my me want to cut my hair, lol.

Since we're on the subject, I thought I'd add some goodies I found at a vintage antique store I went to today!!  
 I bought that ET doll in the middle. I couldn't help myself.
This. Toy. What the hell.
The most intense tissue-holder I've ever seen I want it. 
I also want this lamp. Badly. 
Tyler and I bought this, too!! It's so strange and interesting, it has an inscription dated in 1913! and these goodies are from a store called Memory Lane in London!

But seriously, if you're in Toronto I sincerely recommend Vintage Vibes!! It's at 717 Queen Street East, and actually it's near a really great breakfast/brunch place called Lady Marmalade!! 


  1. you look amazing!! that tissue holder reminds me of the one my class got my high school art teacher when we graduated. it's a big nose and you pull the tissues out of the nostrils. heh heh.

  2. it's always hard to find exactly your size while thrifting, but i always feel so good when it happens!!! most of the time i have to adjust my dresses though.

    you look great :-)

  3. Oh wow, that place sounds amazing! Awesome haul, love the goodies you snagged. If only I lived in Canada!

  4. Oh my god, Celia!!! I actually cannot get over how well you styled every single one of these pieces!!! I had such a treat thrifting with you!!!

  5. I would really dig short hair on you. You look so kick ass in these photos.

  6. that paisley dress is adorbzzzz, i'm totally requiring ALL of the paisley this season

  7. How did you refrain from buying everything in that store? I would have taken that tissue holder home in a heartbeat. Also, you styled that paisley dress so well!

    1. oh my god it was hard!!! it's really reasonably priced too. i'm gonna go back when i have more money. and thankyou!!!

  8. ah this is perfect! next time i visit toronto i'm defintily going to check out vintage vibes! your outfits are super super cute and the yawning lamp is perfection.

  9. Wooooooooow your eyes are like cat eyes!
    Flaw-free purchases :)

    The Lovelorn

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