jack white and cats

I saw Jack White's beautiful ghost-face in person!!!!!!!!!! OK, now that I got that off my chest... I went to Toronto to see Jack White with Tyler, Jess and Jaren and also to visit my friend Sabrina before she goes to New Zealand for A YEAR (crying 5ever) AND I got to hangout with Sarah more than once which is amazing and we thrifted together (but more on that in my next posts...hehehe) 
Me and SARAH
Me and Jess a.k.a. my sister wife 
Jaren, Jess, Tyler and me. Topshop had it's grand opening in the Eaton Centre and we went to check it out and they gave me a free cupcake and I convinced Tyler to buy me a cool sweater (in pictures to come) 
 Jack White on the piano. He played an INCREDIBLE/GODLY 2-hour non-stop set and I will never recover from how amazing it was.
Just wearing a cool new sweater.... :) 

Me and Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We went to the Toronto Humane Society and I cried forever because cats. 
Sarah is so cute and I will be reviewing this thrift store in my next post because it rules and I got lots of goodies!!!


  1. !!! i wish i could thrift w/you this is making me sad !!! )': p.s. cute sweater

  2. I can't wait to see you again for more thrifting and this time we gotta add some cupcakes or something into the mix!!!

  3. OH i really love Jack White *-*
    by the way ... ur outfit its just GREAT and cute glasses ! ♡

  4. ah you're so lucky you got to see him!! your new sweater is really cute and i can't wait to read your thrift store post!

  5. crying over the fac that you got to see jack white live and I did not

  6. great post! by the way where did you get that crocodile shirt in the first picture?

    1. thank you!!! it's Chrisopher Kane for Topshop! :)

  7. Yay I can't wait to see what you got!
    I'm from NZ, she will lurve it. You should come to. We have moa bones and lots of mountains.
    P.S give me your Kane for Topshop :O

    The Lovelorn